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Roopbani Cinema purnea
Roopbani Cinema Hall

India is the land of ‘Unity in Diversity’. It is a country where not only there are mountains and forests, but also people from different language, culture, and religion stay together.

We cannot say that all the people with so many different live completely peacefully here, as there are many problems constantly happening inside the country with several issues including religion and politics. But even with all its problems, we cannot deny the fact that even today it is known to have the world’s largest democracy.

Options of entertainment in Purnea

Purnia, being one of the small cities of Bihar (considered to be one of the thirty districts of Bihar) is no exception and it will not be wrong if we say that Purnia is India in miniature when it comes to the issue of tradition and Indian culture.

With the arising of the modern phenomena called ‘cinema’, many aspects of the society are reflected through this medium which is visualised or sometimes also internalised by a large audience under a same roof, which also forms the idea called a ‘movie theatre’.
Cinema is the medium which connects with the experience and feelings of the audience. It actually refers to the art of filmmaking or simply to a film. A good cinema means a cinema, which propels something inspiring, thought provoking and does all these in an entertaining manner.
Through the medium of cinema, the storytellers get the chance to exchange their ideas to the larger audience, which generate both the emotional and cerebral senses. If both these senses are generated in the right chord, then that cinema turns out to be a successful one.

Cinema and theatre plays a very vital role for the Indians as it is considered to be one of the most popular ways of entertainment. But Indian cinema does not only offer entertainment. The advent of the theatre and cinema dated back in the 1930s or 1940s where theatre and cinemas were very popular.

It got revolutionized and various changes occurred since then. The journey of the evolution of the Indian cinema is worth remembering. From Raj Kapoor to Rajesh Khanna to Amitabh Bacchan to Rajnikanth and now to our modern hearth throbs like Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, and Salman Khan are the superstars whom we idolised or even sometimes worshipped.

The Bollywood industry has grown magnanimously throughout the whole world. Even the regional industries are making a mark of their own like the Kollywood industry (Tamil); Tollywood industry (Telugu), Bengali film Industry (West Bengal); Bhojpuri films etc. Pawan Singh, Manoj Tiwary, Ravi Kishen are some of the very popular names in the Bhojpuri films which are the carriers of Bihar’s culture and tradition to a larger audience.

And for that reason, cinema halls in Bihar are needed to be properly moderated so that audience gather in the theatres in larger number.

Know Everything About Roopbani Cinema

Roopbani Cinema Hall located at the RN Shaw Chowk, Mehboob Khan Tola, Purnea, Bihar 854301, is a four star movie theatre and is well equipped with JBL speaker system, with 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound System. It is fully air conditioned and the seats are very comfortable with cup holders allowing the viewers to completely relax themselves and watch their favourite movies according to their choice.

Roopbani also give the online booking facilities, which can be easily availed if you are having a tight schedule. The amount is kept to Rs 100 for each person, keeping in mind the enhancing market price and also the audience who are buying the tickets at the counter.They also have the car parking facilities. The sound quality, the ambience ,the food available like popcorns, cold drinks etc outside the hall along with the comfortable seats are something that makes Roopbani stand out from others.

Thus Roopbani is trying hard to make your experience hassle free so that you can enjoy your time watching your favourite movie with friends and family without thinking much about what to eat, where to park the car etc.
With the arising trend of multiplex cinemas, it is the time for the single screen cinema halls to look forward for its brighter aspect. In order to develop a cinema hall into a four star, it should have all the necessary facilities like comfortable seats, big screen, great sound quality, food courts, proper hygiene should be maintained, car parking facilities should be there etc.
Roopbani has all the amenities to be called a four star cinema hall as it fulfils all the things like – car parking area, comfortable seats, good sound quality. Now –a- days , people are preferring the four star cinema hall than to any ordinary hall because firstly, there’s a time constrain for which one cannot go and buy ticket standing in the long queue, instead they are booking it online and saving their time. Secondly, they can savour their food sitting inside the movie hall as food courts are available.

And the most important reason why the multiplexes are high in demand is because they late night shows as well, which are very helpful for people who are working. Thus, people want the comfort where they can watch their favourite movie munching on the food without thinking much about anything.Thus, the popularity of a four star cinema hall like Roopbani in Purnia is enhancing with each passing days among the cinegoers.

Cinema and cricket are the two mediums that the Indians swear by.
Therefore, if anyone is staying in Purnia or visiting there, then undoubtedly Roopbani Cinema hall is the place where the visitors can properly worship their religion and sense it, or rather experience it in the form of luxury and ‘king size’ entertainment.

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