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Purnea Medical Hub

Purnia is one of the most famous, populated and well established city in Bihar state. It is a well-known fact that often big cities invite lots of diseases and illnesses. Thus an important city like Purnia would require lots of genuine medical attention. A well-established city will have best world class hospitals, latest medical equipments and team of best doctors and surgeons. Go through our Purnia doctor list to know more about the top doctors in Purnia.

Few details about the medical services of Purnia

A team of urologists, neurologist, surgeons, cardiologists etc comprise the best doctors in Purnia. Whatever might be your health issue, the dedicated doctors with their specialisation are always available at your service. Presence of well-maintained roads, Railways and airport has made Purnia connected to other cities. Thus there is a good influx of reputed doctors as well as medical facilities. One can expect modern medical equipments, surgical instruments, test laboratories and blood banks all over this city.

Here is a list of the best available doctors from Purnia


There are a range of doctors from General Physicians, Gynaecologists, Dermatologists, Urologists, surgeons, cardiologists, neurologists, orthopaedist’s etc. Best hospitals in Purnia host these specialist doctors and they attend lots of patients. A few specialist names in this sector include.
He is a well-known name in the field of Dermatology in Purnea. His specialisation includes skin, cosmetics and laser treatment.
Located in the Dharamshala Road, Line Bazar, Dr Shahid’s clinic is one of the best in dermatology. He is very dedicated to serve his patients and is well friendly. You can find him in his clinic from 10:30 am to 6pm on weekdays.

Dr Noor Akhtar

Dr Akhtar’s clinic is located in VIP colony, Purnia district. He is an established doctor and specialises in orthopaedics. His clinic is located in a posh area in Purnia. He is available in his clinic on weekdays.

Dr S.P Singh

Dr Singh is a top physician in Purnia. He is a well renowed name among the best General Physicians. Located at Bhootnath Road, Purnia, his clinic attends patients all over the week from 9am to 10pm.

Dr Pradeep K. Nayak

He is a well-known Radiologist in Bihar. His clinic in PWD colony is 24 hours open. He specialises in ultrasound imaging, 3D and 4D image analysing.

Dr Milind

His clinic in Bhatta Bajar specialises in opthalmology. People with major eye problems, infections, can attend his clinic. He is available in the clinic only on weekdays. Besides some hospitals also hire him for special cases.

Dr A.K. Gupta

Dr Gupta is a well experienced doctor with 32 years of experience.He is a laparoscopic surgeon and is currently practicing in a renewed hospital in Purnia. He is available in Ma Panchadevi Stone Hospital on weekdays 9am to 10pm.

Dr Asha Singh

Dr Singh is an obstetrician and gynaecologist from Purnia. She has many years of experience in this field. Current she is practicing in Jeevan Jyoti Nursing Home, Purnia. She attends all types of femine problems and takes utmost care of her patients.

Dr Kanchan Kumar Ghosh

A well renowed cardiologist based in Purnia, he is one of the best in Bihar. He has his own clinic and also practices in a hospital in Purnia.

Dr Q Hoda

He is a well-known top surgeon in Purnia. He has a clinic in Bhagalpur area. However his clinic is not directly located in Purnia, rather lies on the outskirts, but his fame is all over spread in Bihar. He is one of the best surgeon in Purnea.

What are the few well known hospitals in Purnia?

The best hospitals in purnia include top class, latest medical amenities, lab facilities and availability of doctors. Here are a few hospitals in Purnia which are no less than world class hospitals in other parts of India.

K K Hospital

This hospital is located beside NH 31, near line bazar in Purnia. It has one of the best facilities that include urological facilities, scan and laparoscopy etc. It is open 24 hours and attends patients all the time.

Ma Panchadevi Stone Hospital

Located to the east of Line Bazar, this hospital has the best ever treatment facilities in Purnia. It specialises in urology. This hospital uses advanced version of India made Laparoscopy device. It has a dialysis centre and kidney stone lithotripsy.

Shakuntala diagnostics and imaging

It is more of a clinic than a hospital. It is a computerized diagnostic centre which specialises in lab tests. Various fields of specialisation include X-ray, ultrasonography, Pathology, allergen testing, HIV testing etc. This facility is equipped with the modern equipments and devices that help to gather accurate information about the disease. It is located in Purnia city.

Purnea Sadar Hospital

It is located on Bihar Talkies road, Purnia. This hospital is run by the state government and provides genuine and low cost treatment. Often medicines are also provided for free from dispensary. Child care and general physician are the most visited departments here.

Maa Purandevi Homeo Clinic

It is probably the only homeo clinic in Purnea that has established so far. It can easily compete with other hospitals in terms of treatment. This clinic specialises in treatment of urology, infertility, allergy, hair loss, piles and paralysis. Well established doctors with modern practice techniques have come here to apply best healing methods.

Christian medical centre and hospital

It is run by a group of Christians. The council of Christians is the lead operating body behind this hospital. It is located in Gulabbagh, a few kilometres away from Purnia. It is one of the best hospitals that maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

With all these hospitals and doctors listed above, clearly you can choose the top doctors in Purnia. There are lots of experienced surgeons and Physicians who are dedicated to serve you best. Before making an appointment, go through the Purnia doctor list above and visit the most appropriate clinic.

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