Travelling To Purnea Was Never Easy Before Like Now

Gone are the days when Bihar is used to be seen as one of the backward states of the country and most of the people never wanted to visit this state.

Now more and more cities like Purnea, Araria are coming up as major commercial places of eastern India. Thus now almost every city of Bihar is experiencing more and more footfalls every year.

Amongst all other cities, Purnea deserves a special mention here. The city of Purnea is located almost 300 Kms away from the capital city of Bihar, Patna. The city is 4th largest in the entire Bihar in terms of the population.

Previously the main livelihood of this place was farming whereas now more and more people are engaged in business and other service sectors. The strategic location of this place the prime reason for that.

This city works as a connecting place for the state with rest of the parts of eastern India. Moreover, in this small city border security force, Indian army and SSB have their headquarters too. Thus due to these reasons now reaching to this city is becoming easier than before.

You can have multiple airlines plying their services in this city and you can easily check flight status online.

History of the city & etymology

The city of Purnea is the administrative headquarter of the namesake district. The district of Purnea is one of the oldest in the entire country and it was established in the year 1770 by the then British government, East India Company.

Situated on the banks of river Mahananda and Kosi, this district is one of the important places for the colonial British government. There is a very interesting story behind the name of this district.

Before the establishment of this city by the British this place was fully covered by a dense forest. Form this geographical feature of this place it gets its name as Purnea, which is the combination of two Sanskrit words, Purnya (total) + Aranya (forest).

On the other hand, according to the some of the experts, the district gets its name from the word Purain, which means lotus that used to grow in large numbers in the nearby rivers Kosi and Mahnanda.

But if you have to believe the words of the local people, this place gets its name Purnea from the Puran Devi Temple of goddess Kali, which is located a few miles away from this place. But whatever the story behind its name, there is no doubt that this place since its inception has become one of the most important places in eastern India.

Climate of Purnea

The climate of Purnea is another reason for which Britishers used to like this place very much. Due to its amazing weather conditions, they have named this place as “Mini Darjeeling”.

Though March to June is the summer and you can experience humid weather conditions but winter is very pleasant here. This is another reason this place also become a major tourist hub of Bihar. But before coming to this city it is essential to check the flight status so that you don’t have to face any problems.

How to reach Purnea

Since the births raj, this place is well connected by rail and road. But now with the inauguration of its own airport, Chunapur Airport it becomes easier to reach the city within hours from any part of the country.

Alternatively, you can also reach Purnea from the Bagdogra Airport also, which is located near to this city in West Bengal. For reaching this place by rail you can get off on the Purnea junction station and for coming to this city by road you can get direct access through NH 31, NH 107, NH 57,  and NH 131A as well. But there is no doubt that air is the best and most comfortable ways to reach this place.

You can either choose Chunapur airport or Bagdogra airport to reach this city. You just need to check the flight arrival status and after getting off you can get cab service available to reach Purnea.
Details about the flights to reach Purnea

Though there are still no direct flights available to reach Purnea, still you can easily reach to this city by air from capital city of Bihar, Patna or from Kolkata airport.

This non-scheduled flight services plying twice a week from Patna and Kolkata to Purnea, so before booking, you must check the flight departure status. It takes 50 minutes to reach Purnea form Kolkata and Patna.


But other than that you can use the Bagdogra Airport situated in Siliguri, West Bengal to reach this city. Due to the improved infrastructure of the state, you can have access to cab services which can take to this your destination easily from the Bagdogra within a few hours time.