An exotic experience in travelling to Purnea

If you are contemplating spending some days in tranquility and peace, far from the madding crowd, Purnea can be an ideal destination. You an get flight ticket booking offers to fly to the Purnea Airport within an hour’s time.

Flight ticket booking offers

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Purnea is among the 38 districts of Bihar and is the administrative headquarters of Purnea District as well as Purnea Division.

The city is 3,240 sq. km and the presence of rivers like Kosi, Koli, Suwara Kali and the Mahananda provides great advantage for irrigation.

The Chunapur Purnea Airport welcomes you to a grand hospitality, where you will find world class services that include:

  • Information Desk
  • Wrapping Services
  • WiFi
  • Transit Hotels
  • Airport Lounges
  • Lost and Found Counter
  • Lavatory
  • Disabilities Assistance
  • Prayer Rooms
  • VIP Lounges
  • Smoking Lounges
  • Duty Free Shops
  • Clinic and Pharmacy
  • Dining.
Coming out of the airport you can either get a taxi or  shuttle to take you to the heart of Purnea city. Explore the rich heritage and culture of this city which had once been the seat of a number of medieval powers. There are many places to visit and shop that include:

Kamakhyaya Mandir – Situated at the border of Majra Bhabanipur, Rahua and Kalyanpur, this temple is built in resemblance of the original Kamakhyaya Temple, and is visited by large numbers of devotees throughout the year.

Dharara – Roam around the village which is famous for the mythological character, Hiranya Kans, trying to kill Prhalad, his son, for his devotion to Lord Krishna. There is a monolith named Maniktdham, made of red granite and the architecture is a unique one.

Kaath Pool – The Kaath Pool is a wooden bridge on the Kaath Pool on the National Highway 31 which was built centuries ago.

Forbesgunge – This city is a commercial hub, with the Bhatta Bazar area a prominent place for trade and business. J.P. International Gatelt and Sultanpokhar are two of the most visited locations here.

Line Bazar – Near to the Purnea Airport is the line bazar, where you will find many shopping outlets and there are more than 450 practicing doctors here.

Jalagarh – Located 21 Km from Purnea, this place is famous for the ruined fort, built by the Mughals that stands by the river Kosi.

Ganga-Darjeeling Road – The Ganga-Farjeeling road is worth exploring because of the places like Gulab Bagh. Tatma Toli, Flour Mill-Polytechnic Chowk.

Thakurgunje – This place has a historical importance as it I named after Bhima of Mahabharat, who worked in the palace of Raja Birat as a cook during the last year of the 14 year exile.

Kurusela – This place was the origin of the dynasty of the Kurus of Mahabharata and 14 Km from this place is the location of Vikramshila University situated in the settings of the Bateswar Hills.

Bhagnagarh Village – This village gained importance after some ancient coins were found inside an earthen cave, and is now visited by large numbers of tourists.
Among other places of significance in Purnea is the Purnea College, which is known as an esteemed educational institution.

The faculty includes some senior professors and many of the Indian students aspire to get admission to this college.

Best time to visit Purnea

Make  your online flight booking any time of the year except during the monsoon season, when there is heavy rain in Purnea, from May to July. The temperature throughout the year does not reach very high or low, and that is why this city can be a place to visit in comfort.

Online flight booking is possible from the comfort of your home and tickets are available if booked well in advance before the date of your journey. The Purnea Airport was built in 2012 and the first flight carrying 9 passengers reached the airport from Chunapur Defence Airport, which is 10 Km from Patna divisional headquarters.

The flight was operated by Spirit Air Private Limited. For online flight ticket booking both ways, you get flight ticket booking offers, that will help you save on your budget.

Conclusion Points 

There are many travel portals through which you can confirm your flight booking and also get a guidance for touring the city of Purnea. Once you travel to Purnea by air and tour the city, you are bound to come back with nostalgia that could remain in your memory for a lifetime.

Catch hold of the mouse and complete your online flight booking to get ready for the trip to Purnea. You are only an hour away from either Kolkata or Patna for having an exotic experience in travelling to Purnea,the city of heritage and culture.