Are you familiar with Purnea blocks & Subdivision in Bihar?

Purnia which is also romanized as Purnea is the largest city in the north eastern part of the Indian city of Bihar. The city of Purnea serves as the headquarters of administration for both Purnia district and as well as the Purnia division.

Purnea district map
Purnea district map

Purnia district occupies 3202.31 km2 of the state of Bihar. It is bordered by Araria district in the north, Katihar and Bhagalpur district in the south, Madhepura and Saharsa district in the west, and West Dinajpur district of West Bengal and Kishanganj district of Bihar in the east.

Look at this Eye-Opening Map of Purnia District!

The map depicts the Purnia district in Bihar, India. The district is divided into several regions, each of which is labeled. The various roads and waterways that crisscross the region are also shown. The map is color coded, with different colors representing different types of land. This provides a detailed view of the district’s geography.

The map is eye-opening because it provides a detailed view of the district’s geography.

Are there really THAT many subdivisions in Purnia district of Bihar

The district is divided into the 4 subdivisions of the Block, 14 Blocks, 251 Gram Panchayats, and 1296 villages. List of subdivisions of the Purnea district of Bihar. 

  1. Purnia Sadar
  2. Dhamdaha
  3. Baisi
  4. Banmankhi

Purnia Sadar Subdivision

Purnia Sadar Subdivision, Purnia-East, Jalalgarh, Kriyanand Nagar, and Srinagar are the locations of some of the Blocks in Purnia Sadar Subdivision.

Dhamdaha subdivision 

The number of blocks in Dhamdaha subdivision is 4. It is the largest subdivision of Purnia district by area. Then are the names of 4 blocks of Dhamdaha subdivision – Dhamdaha, Rupauli, Bhawanipur & Barhara.

Baisi sub-division

Baisi sub-division has the most flood-impacted area of Purnia district. The second is its place with respect to the cyclone area. There are four blocks in this sub-division – Amour, Baisa, Baisi & Dagarua. 

Banmankhi sub-division

Banmankhi sub-division is the smallest subdivision of the Purnia district. There is only one block in this sub-division whose name is also Banmankhi.

How Many Blocks in Purnia District?

The Purnea district blocks are located in the state of Bihar, India. The blocks are part of subdivisions of the district, and there are currently 14 blocks in Purnea. Each block is further divided into Panchami & villages, which are the smallest administrative unit in India. The blocks are a way to provide more local governance and services to the people of Bihar.

Moreover, having a clear idea regarding the block list will make your travelling easy and convenient in Purnia city Bihar. There is a total of fourteen blocks also referred to as the list of Taluka in the district of Purnia. The list of blocks is as mentioned below.

  1. Amour
  2. Baisa
  3. Baisi
  4. Banmankhi
  5. Barhara
  6. Bhawanipur
  7. Dagarua
  8. Dhamdaha
  9. Jalalgarh
  10. Kasba
  11. Kirtyanand Nagar
  12. Purnia East
  13. Rupauli
  14. Srinagar
Now, after you have known about all the block of the district of Purnia, you can make your travel plan accordingly and you need not have to waste any time in roaming around in search of the exact destination where you want to go.

How to get Information About the Blocks

If you are looking forward to gather some information for the list of blocks in the city of Purnia, there are a number of ways by which you can do so. First and foremost, you can a detailed access to Purnia profile in the official website of the district which is where you can have access to all sorts of information regarding the district.

Most importantly, all the information that you get in the official website are not only accurate but also, they are up to date at the same time which makes your task much easier. The next way how you can get information about the blocks is to refer to the Tehsil map of the of the district of Purnia. The maps are also of a great help for the purpose of travelling.

Finally, you can approach a local resident of Bihar Purnia Jila who can guide you in the right way and provide you with information that you are looking forward to.

Transportation Within the Blocks

Transportation within the blocks is generally a matter of concern for the people who are new to the district of Purnia. There are many people who are of the viewpoint that travelling within the blocks in the district is quite difficult due to the unavailability of the proper means of transport. But this is actually not true.

The travelling within the blocks of the Purnia district is quite easy and you need not worry at all. There are a large number of state and private buses plying with the blocks of the district on a regular basis which is actually making the travel part absolutely convenient for travellers.

More About Purnia District 

The sum total of geographical area of the municipal corporation of Purnia is about 92 square kilometres which is just next to the capital city of Bihar that is Patna.

The population density of the district is about 3058 persons per square kilometre which makes Purnia the 5th most densely populated city in the state of Bihar. In total, the Purnia district covers an area of about 3202.31 square kilometres of the state of Bihar.

Purnia is particularly well known in the state of Bihar due to presence of an airbase and is one of few cities of India where it is present. The airbase is used by the Indian Army and the government has already proposed a plan of building an airport in the city very soon.

In the meantime, if you happen to visit Purnia before the airport is ready, you need to avail the three of the nearest airports close to the city of Purnia. The closest airport to the city is the Bagdogra airport situated at a distance of about 150 kilometres.

The next is the Patna Airport which is at a distance of about 370 kilometres and last is the Ranchi airport which is about just more than 450 kilometres from the city of Purnia.

Details of the Block Divisions in Purnia

If you are thinking of coming to Purnia for any reason, you need to have a clear idea about the city and especially the division of blocks.

This would be tremendously helpful in reaching the exact destination without many hurdles in front of you. For additional help, you can also refer to the map of the district to get a detailed idea about Purnia block list which would make it absolutely easy to understand without any kind of confusion.

Conclusion Points 

In an addition to this, you can avail the numerous taxi services available in the district of Purnia to travel within the blocks which are available at pocket friendly prices. Apart from this, there are private car rental services available which will take you to your desired destination.

In conclusion, the Purnea district is divided into 4 subdivisions, 14 Blocks, 251 Gram Panchayats, and 1296 villages. This is an overview of the district and its subdivisions. If you are interested in learning more about the Purnea district or would like to visit, please contact us for more information.