Know Nearest Airport To Purnia Bihar: Know Distance

If you’re looking for a way to easily and quickly find the nearest airport to Purnia, Bihar, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several options available. 

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Finding an airport in close proximity to Purnea is relatively straightforward, as it’s located in the state of Bihar which has an extensive network of airports. 

Nearest Airport Of The Purnea
Nearest Airport Of The Purnea

In this article, we’ll discuss all of your options for getting to and from Purnea by air, including the closest airport and other nearby alternatives.

Are you looking for the closest airports to the Purnia district? You’ve come to the right place! There are three main airports in close proximity to this area, namely Bagdogra Airport, Darbhanga Airport and Patna Airport. Each airport has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, such as cost, convenience and flight availability. 

Nearest Airport to Purnia: Options 

City Airport Name
Bagdogra Customs Airport, Bagdogra (Civil Enclave)


Elevation AMSL

126 m / 412 ft

Darbhanga Darbhanga Airport


Elevation AMSL

52 m / 171 ft 

Patna Jayprakash Narayan International Airport 


Elevation AMSL 52 m / 170 ft

When deciding which airport is best for you, it’s important to consider each option carefully. Bagdogra Airport offers a variety of direct flights from Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata as well as several international destinations. 

By Road Distance & Travel Time From Purnea

Bagdogra  162.9 km 3 hr 45 min
Darbhanga  233.7 km 4 hr 27 min
Patna  303.4 km 6 hr 52 min

Darbhanga Airport provides domestic flights from major cities like Lucknow and New Delhi but lacks a few of the more popular international connections that Bagdogra does. 

Finally, Patna Airport is located farthest to Purnia district but may not offer many options for long distance travel or international routes.

Bagdogra Airport to Purnia Distance

Even today, the nearest airport from Purnia is Bagdogra. The distance from Purnia to Bagdogra is approximately 162.9 km.

Bagdogra is near Siliguri whose distance is 11.3km. You can reach Bagdogra from Purnia in between 3 to 4 hours. If you go by public transport then it will take you more than 1 to 2 hours.

Darbhanga Airport to Purnia Distance

From Purnia to Darbhanga you can go by road. The distance between Purnia to Darbhanga is 233.7 km. If you go by car then you can complete this distance in 4 to 5 hours.

The condition of the road is not very good, it may take you more time than this. If you go by public transport then it will take you 2 hours more.

Patna to Purnia Distance by Road

If you want to go from Purnea to Patna, then for this you can choose the road route. The distance of the road route is 303.4 km. If you go by car then it will take 5 to 6 hours.

If you go by any other public transport like bus or train then it will take you about 8 hours. Good bus service is available from Purnia to Patna. You can also go by train from Purnia or Katihar.

Where to get the cheapest air tickets to Delhi

If we talk about the air ticket from Bagdogra to Delhi, if you want it the next day then you can get it between ₹ 4000 to ₹ 6000.

The rate of air ticket from Darbhanga to Delhi will also be available between at least ₹ 4000 to above ₹ 7000.

Patna to Delhi air ticket rates range from ₹3000 to ₹5000, you can get the cheapest tickets to Delhi from here.

History of Air transportation of India to Purnea 

India as a developing country has established several airports over the years across the country. Airplanes and airports, thus, not only remain to the metropolitan cities, but also to the comparatively small cities like Purnia.

Living in a world that has seen two disastrous World War, man has already understood the uses and abuses of science and technology. 

From the very beginning of our learning of History, we get to know how the Second World War has ended. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the two cities of Japan had been destroyed by nuclear bombings by USA in 1945. 

It was reported that the two bombs were thrown into these cities from the aeroplane. It was in this era that had introduced people to get familiar with the concept of ‘air bombings’.  

Furthermore, all of us probably have watched the video or at least aware of the 9/11, that traumatized the USA, as well as the whole World, in one fine morning. The multi storey buildings at the heart of America were turned simply into house of cards with the two airplanes are made to crash against the buildings. 

All these destruction had led the entire humanity to fall out into a never ending trauma. The irony lies in the fact that it is the human creation which creates such an atmosphere of destruction. 

Even with all these negative and destructive results, we cannot deny the positive side of science and technology. Even though all these bombardments have occurred through this medium of aeroplane, we cannot deny this concept of aeroplane which is an absolute gift of modern science. 

The design was firstly structured by an Indian, Shivkar Bapuji Talpade in 1895, the first airplane had been discovered by Wright Brothers in 1903, evolved out from the design of George Cayley. We all are being taught since our childhood about the use and abuses of science, or is science a blessing or a curse. 

And the answer always will be the same, that the utility of an airplane, being a creation of mankind, is completely depending upon the uses of mankind. 

Earlier days, it was the sea path, through which people can travel the world. We all know the stories of the discovery of land by several sea travelers. 

The ships are kept in the port. But with the discovery of airplane, people choose to travel across the world trough this. This is the most time saving journey, which also gives comfort to the passengers. 

Even though the tickets cost are high compared to train and bus, but after all time is the most valuable thing in the present scenario. 

Just as buses are kept in the bus stands, and trains are kept in the carsheds, similarly, airports are made in order to keep the airplanes. College Park Airport in USA, is known to have the first airport of the world, whereas the Hamburg airport in 1911was considered to be the first commercial airport. 

When we come to commercial side, then being an Indian we cannot think of a city which is more commercial than Mumbai. And the history suggests so as in 1928 the first airport was established in Juhu, Mumbai. 

Being the largest city in the northern part of Bihar, Purnia is also serves as the administrative headquarters of Bihar. Purnia airport, which is popularly known as Chunapur Airport is not used by general passengers, as it is confined only within the army usages. 

Most nearest Airport of Purnea is Bagdogra

Therefore, the nearest airport from Purnia is the Bagdogra Airport which is a commercial airport and the distance between Bagdogra and Purnia is near about 150kms. The Airport at Bagdogra is located in India at the longitude of 88.32 and latitude of 26.68, while the Purnia district is located in India at the longitude of 87.48 and latitude of 25.78. 

A passenger can take a cab from the Airport to Purnia, even though bus service is available from Bagdogra Airport to Purnia. If a bus maintains an average speed of fifty kilometre per hour, then the bus takes more than three hours to reach Purnia from the Airport of Bagdogra. 

The duration could alter according to the road condition or different travel route or the speed of the bus. During the winter this schedule time can get delayed due to fog or even during monsoon the same can happen because of the thunder, lighting and heavy rain. 

The ticket cost approximately 100 rupees for each passenger in this journey, which is pocket friendly considering the distance it covered. Small hotels or dhabas, pay & use toilets, petrol pumps, tourist spots and several religious places are placed in the midway of Purnia and Bagdogra airport.

May be Second choice for you – Patna Airport

Patna Airport, widely known as Jay Prakash Narayan International Airport is located in Patna, the capital of Bihar. It is situated at a distance of 310 km from Purnia district, making it the second nearest airport from Purnia. The airports are developing with all the necessary facilities keeping in mind the demands of the passengers.

Being the centre of the administrative headquarters of Bihar, Purnia is needed an Airport of its own. It may strengthen the communication between Purnia and the other thirty seven districts of Bihar, as well as several other places in India. Since many army offices are placed here, thereby, an Airport will definitely make it a more developed district in the Indian maps. 

Beside this, it also will increase the number of tourists with each passing years, and as a result, tourism industry will become a part of Purnia’s history. As a matter of fact, the trade market will also flourish and will certainly put an active impact on the economical aspect, which further will be resulted in the development of the city.

Conclusion Points 

If you are looking for a convenient way to travel to the Purnia district, then knowing which of the three nearest Airports are best suited for your needs is essential. 

These airports include Bagdogra, Darbhanga and Patna. Each of these airports offer their own advantages and drawbacks depending on your preferences and budget. 

Bagdogra Airport is located in Siliguri, West Bengal and is about 230 km away from Purnia. It offers daily flights from various destinations across India at affordable prices. 

The airport also has good connectivity with Kolkata, making it an ideal choice if you need to take connecting flights or make onward journeys. On the downside however, its flights can be subject to delays due to congestion in the airspace near Siliguri.

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