New Horizon In Tourism Industry Of Purnea For The New Airport Terminal

Purnea is one of the largest cities of Bihar and quickly becoming a hub for trade and commerce. Once covered in the dense forest, Purnea now transformed into a bustling city of Bihar which has its own administrative division and headquarters of various organizations like Indian air force, border security force and SSB.

The city has the 4th largest population and the number of citizens is rising like never before. Though it is predominantly a city of trade and commerce but still people often come here to enjoy the amazing weather conditions and visit various tourist attractions that this place has to offer.

Due to its pleasant weather conditions, since the establishment of this city people love to come here for holiday and vacation. But previously due to the poor infrastructure the travellers have to face a lot of difficulties to reach here. They either have to come by rail or roadways.

But now with the starting of the non-scheduled charter flight from Patna and Kolkata things are changing very quickly. Previously people have to come to Bagdogra airport, West Bengal and then they need to take a cab to reach Purnea, but now with the inception of the air service things has become much easier.

History of flight services in Purnea

Though Purnea already has an airport but that was previously used by the Indian air force only. Purnea, being one of the border cities of India, is one of the important stations of Indian air force, so having an airport here for the flight services of IAF was the need of the hour.

But in order to give the citizens of Purnea and Maithili region a better way to travel the government is now allowing the same airport to use for the restricted commercial use. Thus now the airport services both the Indian air force and commercial flights for the mass.

The spirit air private limited was the first one to get the approval of flying commercial flights from this airport, but that is a non-scheduled one and passenger supported. But due to the growing importance of this city as a business hub and international border city, government has decided to add a few more Purnia airport terminals.

Previously operating as a single terminal airport, Purnea airport now will have a few more to serve the masses conveniently.

Planning of new airport terminals

With the starting of the new airline services people started to felt the need of new airport terminals that can easily fulfil the need of the incomers.

Thus the state government last year announced of new Purnia airport terminals to fulfil the growing demand of the citizens and make the Purnea airport a full-fledged one. Moreover not only Purnea airport is receiving a new airport terminal but along with that Darbhanga is also getting one in order to ease the pressure on the Purnea airport.

According to the chief minister of the state, the government is trying their best to build up new airport terminals in these two places and they have already allotted the land for the same too. there is no doubt that this is a great boost for the local economy as due to this move the local business and tourism industry will flourish.

This announcement comes against the backdrop of the central government’s scheme UDAN (Ude Desh ka Aam Nagrik). So it can be apprehended easily that the dream of Purnea people of having their own airport will become true in no time.

With this scheme, the government is trying to increase the connectivity and flight services between the tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India. Thus the fair is also capped at INR 2500 so that everyone can enjoy this benefit.

The effect of the new airport terminals at Purnea airport

It is imperative to mention that when the infrastructure will be developed then the economy of that region is surely go up.

Especially for a city like Purnea, which is located just 100 km away from the international border of Nepal and strategically located between Patna and Kolkata, having its own airport is utmost important. Moreover, this is a move taken by the Bihar government in order to promote the Maithili culture, art in a better way possible.

Thus with this airport terminal, the once doomed region will now see a new dawn of growth and prosperity in all fields of activities. In one hand the business will grow as people can reach this place easily now after the commencement of the air service and on the other hand due to the easy connectivity the tourism industry will get the much-needed boost.

Conclusion Points

So the new Purnia airport terminals will come as a boon to the people of Maithili region and they can now experience the growth and development too. Moreover, it is expected that within a few years time this city will become one of the major cities in the entire state and eastern India too.