The Beauty And Elaborateness Of The Purnea Market

Bhatta Bazar, line bazar and gulab bagh purnea
Bhatta Bazar

Purnea or Purnia is one of the main cities of the Indian state of Bihar which is densely populated and also is an important commercial hub as well. One of the most important areas in the city is the Purnea Market which is filled with shops and showrooms where you can find each and everything that you need on any given time.

The markets of Purnea are as such that “You name it and they have it” for you as the city has become pretty famous for the markets in it where trade and commerce is the mainstay of the economy.
There are 3 very important market areas namely Purnea line Bazar, Bhatta Bazar Purnea and Gulab Bagh Purnia where you will actually enjoy yourself if you are on a shopping tour. So let’s understand in detail about these markets and their specializations as well.

Purnea line Bazar

The Purnea line Bazar unplugged.
This is one of the oldest bazaars in the city which has a long history which dates back to around 200 years and has some of the oldest shops in the country that have been managed by people of one generation to another generation over and over again and the shops are still going on.
The Purnea line Bazar actually got its name long time back as the shops were once situated in a long line one after another and later this market became a huge one. One of the specialities of this market place is the hotels that are situated in it where you can taste the best Bihari food that will tantalize your taste buds.
Then there is a number of clothing brand stores as well in the market from where you can buy original branded products at very reasonable prices.
Apart from this there are a lot of jewellers in the market as well from where you can buy traditional jewellery at reasonable rates. The Purnea line Bazar is basically famous for clothes and Jewellery so if you want the best in class jeweller and clothes you need to land in this market where you will find each and everything as per your requirement.

Bhatta Bazar Purnea

The Bhatta Bazar Purnea is a one stop solution for all your marketing needs
The Bhatta Bazar Purnea is actually a one stop solution for all your marketing needs in the city as this is the biggest market area in the city with over 5000 shops that include mini malls and huge shopping complexes as well.
This market is always crowded as this is the most important place for a lot of reasons like the quality of products and the prices as well which is unbeatable. The main reason why you can bargain a lot in this Purnea Market is the high rate of competition which is why the rates are superb and when you go to shop for a festival or a party you need to hire a cab to bring things back home as you will buy so much.
The best textile shops are here in this market where you can find both the branded products and then the authentic local products as well. There are street markets as well where you can find clothes and shoes just for rough use.
The markets are filled with lakhs and lakhs of people especially during the festive seasons when each and every person in Purnea has to visit the Bhatta Bazar Purnea for sure to buy things.

Gulab Bagh Purnia

Gulab Bagh Purnia the pride of Bihar
When a place becomes the pride of the state or the country that simply means that there is something different and unique about the place and the Gulab Bagh Purnia is Asia’s largest maize trading centre as well.
They call it “Sabzi Mandi” in the local language which means a place where vegetables are sold on wholesale as there are a lot of dealers who come in every single day and sell tonnes and tonnes of vegetables to retails who buy vegetables in bulk.
The fact that people get fresh vegetables all around the day in this place has made this area one of the posh areas and the best thing about this place is the price of the vegetables and yes maize as well. In case if you have an occasion at home then you can easily buy each and every vegetable in bulk from this market.
You might be surprised to know that a lot of vegetable is exported to different neighbouring states like Jharkhand and West Bengal from here and not only that fruits and vegetables are also sent to countries like Nepal and Bhutan from the Gulab Bagh Purnia which makes it the epitome of trade and commerce for the state of Bihar.
Then there are some other hotels and shops here as well where you will get everything that you need for daily use and sustaining yourself.

Some final words about the markets in Purnea

So this was all about the main markets in Purnea where you can visit the markets and get the best in class products in the country. Be it the Bhatta Bazar Purnia Bihar, Gulab Bagh Purnea or the Purnea line Bazar you can be sure that you are in places where you can buy things at the best possible rates in the markets all across the country. The markets are filled with hotels where you can eat the best in class Bihari food which you will love to have over and over again.

Make sure that you carry cash when you visit these markets because you will love a lot of things and you would want to buy things from there. Make sure that you check the products that you buy and always remember that “Everything that glitters is not gold” so make sure that you are buying things from genuine shops.

There is also a lot that you will know about the Purnea Market as well when you reach there and will be surprised for sure. Happy shopping.

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