Discover the Distance, Pin Code, and More at Bhatta Bazaar

Searching for Bhatta Bazar Purnea? Look no further! In this article, you can learn the essential details about its location, distance from other cities, and pin code. 
Bhatta Bazaar Purnea
Bhatta Bazaar Purnea

From nearby attractions to commuting routes, all of your questions about this area will be answered here. Whether you are a local looking for tips to explore the region or a tourist planning a visit, this article has you covered.

The markets of Purnea are as such that “You name it and they have it” for you as the city has become pretty famous for the markets in it where trade and commerce is the mainstay of the economy.

There are 3 very important market areas namely Purnea line Bazar, Bhatta Bazar Purnea and Gulab Bagh. Purnia where you will actually enjoy yourself if you are on a shopping tour. So let’s understand in detail about these markets and their specializations as well.

Bhatta Bazar Market Purnea

The Bhatta Bazar Purnea is a one stop solution for all your marketing needs..The Bhatta Bazar Purnea is actually a one stop solution for all your marketing needs in the city as this is the biggest market area in the city with over 5000 shops that include mini malls and huge shopping complexes as well.

This market is always crowded as this is the most important place for a lot of reasons like the quality of products and the prices as well which is unbeatable.

The main reason why you can bargain a lot in this Purnea Market is the high rate of competition which is why the rates are superb and when you go to shop for a festival or a party you need to hire a cab to bring things back home as you will buy so much.

The best textile shops are here in this market where you can find both the branded products and then the authentic local products as well. There are street markets as well where you can find clothes and shoes just for rough use.

The markets are filled with lakhs and lakhs of people especially during the festive seasons when each and every person in Purnea has to visit the Bhatta Bazar Purnea for sure to buy things.

Bhatta Bazar Pin Code 

Bhatta Bazar is a small town located in the Purnia district of Bihar. It is an important commercial hub for the district, with many shops and businesses operating in the area. 

The residents of Bhatta Bazar can take pride in their Pin Code – 854301- which serves as a unique identifier for all people living there. 

The post office of Bhatta Bazar lies within this Pin Code and helps deliver mail to its citizens from all over India. 

Along with providing postal services, it also serves as a valuable source of information about the area, helping people learn about local events and news. 

Additionally, the pin code serves as an aid for navigation when travelling around this part of Bihar; just enter 854301 into your GPS device or map app to get directions to your destination!

How to reach Bhatta Bazar Purnea?

Reaching the Bhatta Bazar in Purnea is an easy task. Located in a densely populated area, the market is one of the most popular destinations for locals and tourists alike. The following details will walk you through how to reach this exciting bazaar: 

The most common route to get to Bhatta Bazar is by taking a e rickshaw from Purnia bus stand. From there, take a bus or taxi towards Purnea City.

Once you arrive at Purnea City, it takes about 15 minutes on a rickshaw to reach the bazaar. Alternatively, if you’re coming from Line Bazar.

Conclusion Points

Bhatta Bazar is the oldest market of Purnia. It is also called the economic city of Purnia.

Because this love is the biggest shop of clothes, shoes and jewelry. Purnia is one of the big districts of Bihar and almost all the people of this district come here for shopping.