Explore the Top 10 Best Hotels in Purnia 2023

Are you planning a trip to Purnea and looking for the best hotel? Look no further, as this article will provide detailed information on the best hotels in Purnea in 2023. 

Finds Best Hotels In Purnea

From luxury resorts to budget-friendly accommodations, there is something for everyone. This article will outline the top-rated hotels based on amenities, customer reviews, and price, so you can make an informed decision that meets your needs and budget.

Purnia also written sometimes as Purnea is a district in Bihar with two subdivisions. One, being the administrative block of the district, another is Purnea city.

This city is next to the capital Patna in terms of area and is well densely populated. A well-connected road to Siliguri, Patna, Kolkata and Muzaffarpur has made this place quite posch and busy. This city also has some historical monuments and mosques. As a result it attracts lots of tourists every year.

Top 10 Hotel’s In Purnea

When it comes to looking for a place to stay in Purnea, India, the local hotels are some of the best around. From luxury resorts with all the amenities you could ever hope for, to more rustic and simple options, there is something for everyone. 

But which ones should you choose? To help make your decision easier, we have compiled a list of the top 10 hotels in Purnea based on public reviews.

1) JMD International Hotel 

  • 4.3 (79)
  • 1,644 to 2,881
  • Bus Stand
  • 7763800369

2) Paras International Hotel 

  • 4.2 (573)
  • 3,080 to 3,169
  • Bhatta Bazar
  • 08102918982

3) Holiday International Hotel

4) Grand Imperial Hotel 

  • 3.9 (538)
  • 2,773 to 2,977
  • Ford Company Chowk
  • 7360080266

5) Golden Tulip Hotel 

  • 3.8 (644)
  • 1,727 to 1,727
  • Bus Stand
  • 06454221111

6) Ravi Vinay Hotel

  • 3.8 (471)
  • 2,302 to 2,402
  • Navratan Hatta
  • 064546201182

7) Shree Nayak Hotel 

  • 3.7 (352)
  • 2,221 to 2,407
  • Jail Chowk
  • 95722 52087 

8) Emerald Hotel 

  • 3.8 (148)
  • 400 to 600
  • Navratan Hatta
  • 8210167880

9) Aditya Hotel

  • 3.7 (543)
  • 1,889 to 2,000
  • Madhepura-Purnia Rd
  • 08863050868

10) Anand Hotel

  • 3.7 (154)
  • 600 to 800
  • Navratan Hatta
  • 06454224913.
As a tourist it is necessary to know about Purnia hotel list.  Hotels in Purnea are of various kinds. Based on your budget and comfort, you can choose from best hotels in Purnia district.
There are tonnes of hotels, guest houses in and around Purnea. Your night stay will be memorable in these hotels. You can choose the best hotel in Purnia after going through the Purnia hotel list.
Best Hotels In Purnea 
Name Ratings Price Range ₹ Location
JMD International Hotel 4.3 (79) 1,644 to 2,881 Bus Stand
Paras International Hotel 4.2 (573) 3,080 to 3,169 Bhatta Bazar
Holiday International Hotel 4.0 (1200) 1,727 to 1,827 Bus Stand
Grand Imperial Hotel 3.9 (538) 2,773 to 2,977 Ford Company Chowk
Golden Tulip Hotel 3.8 (644) 1,727 to 1,727 Bus Stand
Ravi Vinay Hotel 3.8 (471) 2,302 to 2,402 Navratan Hatta
Shree Nayak Hotel 3.7 (352) 2,221 to 2,407 Jail Chowk
Emerald Hotel 3.8 (148) 400 to 600 Navratan Hatta
Aditya Hotel 3.7 (543) 1,889 to 2,000 Madhepura-Purnia Rd
Anand Hotel 3.7 (154) 600 to 800 Navratan Hatta
Jyoti Sanjay Hotel 3.7 (188) 600 to 800 Polytechnic Chowk
Rudra Residency Hotel 3.5 (187) 750 to 800 Bhatta Bazar
Rajvansh Hotel 3.4 (62) 600 to 800 Mehboob Khan Tola
Panchwati International Hotel 3.7 (292) 500 to 800 Bihar Talkies Road
Clark Inn Hotel 4.4 (173) 2,791 to ₹3,226 Rambagh Road
Sanjay Hotel 3.7 (981) 581 to 608 Bhatta Bazar
Centre Point Hotel 4.1 (1900) 2200 to 3500 Bhatta Bazar
Crystal Blue Hotel 4.1 (197) 2100 to 2200 Jail Chowk
Raj Laxmi Hotel 3.7 (714) 774 to 810 Kali Bari Chowk
Galaxy Hotel 3.5 (89) 800 to 1100 Chitrwani Rd
Harsha Hotel 3.8 (395) 1100 to 1400 Navratan Hatta
Biraj International Hotel 3.7 (511) 800 to 900 Navratan Hatta
Kaushiki Hotel 4.1(1900) 809 to 900 Bhatta Bazar
Rajvansh Hotel 3.4 (62) 900 to 1000 Bhatta Bazar

What to look for while searching for hotels?

When searching for hotels in a renewed city, there are few factors which you must consider. These are:
Location – The first and foremost factor for choosing any hotel is its location. While searching for hotel in Purnia Bihar, you must locate a place which has easy access to Railways, roads and airports. The location of the hotel will decide your comfort during the stay.

Amenities – The basic amenities which are provided in a hotel should be all round water supply, electricity, comfortable beds, clean bathroom etc. Any best hotel in Purnia Bihar would easily fulfil all these basic amenities. Furthermore, modern hotels have Wi-Fi___33 access, valet parking, bar and lounge.

Transportation facility-While searching for hotels in Purnia district you may prefer to look for transportation facilities. Hotels are equipped with cars and taxis. You can easily avail these for local sightseeing and dropping off to stations, airports etc.

Price – Finally one major factor is the price of these hotels. The above factors will ultimately decide the cost of your overnight stay in a hotel. Based on these factors you can decide which hotel to choose, what facilities to avail and make your stay amazing.

What are the few best hotels in Purnia?

You can choose the best hotel at Purnia Bihar after going through this genuine list of first class hotels in and around the city.

Hotel Biraj International

This hotel is located in Bhatta Bazar near Purnea. It caters one of the best amenities in the city and has rooms available as cheap as ₹650 onwards. It has moderate room service and cancellations are free also. A final verdict would be value for money.
Hotel Sanjay
Located in the heart of Bhatta Bazar, Hotel Sanjay is one of the best hotels in Purnia. It has both AC and non-ac rooms and bathrooms are attached with geysers. Overall the hotel is moderate with modern amenities. There is nearby parking too. There are rooms from ₹1100 onwards.
Hotel Ravi Vinay

Located in Navaratan Hatta, Purnea, this hotel is furnished properly with lots of amenities. It has 24 hours checked in and out facility, free parking and free Wi-Fi. Rooms are equipped with ac and heaters.

Geysers are available in the bathroom. Probably one of the best hotel in Purnia Bihar. Your stay will be amazing here. You can expect rooms ₹1600 onwards.

Hotel Shree Nayak Regency

While your stay is uncertain, naturally you would like to book a hotel with free cancellation policy. Located in Gulabh Bagh, this night stay offers free cancellations. It has also attached restaurant, doctor on call facility.

You can check in and checkout by 12 pm and your decent stay will be aided by comfy rooms, gentle room service and well-furnished bathrooms. Here you can easily book a room for ₹1650 onwards per night.
Hotel Rajhans International
This hotel is located in the outskirts of Purnea, 67kms away from the main city in Bhagalpur. It offers its guest with free parking, free Wi-Fi___33, ac rooms, restaurant and room service. With all these amenities, your stay would definitely be memorable. All these clearly make it one of the best hotel in Purnia Bihar. It comes with a decent price of ₹1640 per night.
Hotel Shiva
Located in the busy Station road of Bhagalpur, this hotel offers world-class night stay facilities to its guests. Since it is located near the station, you can always expect a crowd and rush.
However the hotel stay would be memorable with all their amenities of furnished rooms, lounges and bathrooms. With a decent price tag of ₹1800 onwards you can expect a comfortable night stay here.
Hotel Sai International
It is a posch hotel in Bhagalpur. It offers its guests with restaurant, bar and lounge, room service, dry cleaning and free parking.
Also you can take public cabs from station to this hotel. Here one night stay would cost ₹2000 onwards. It is a very good transit hotel in Bhagalpur.
Hotel Daftaari Palace
Located in Kishanganj, some 50 kms away from main town of Purnea, this hotel is indeed a palace. It has restaurant, dining hall, parking, full CCTV coverage, ac rooms and a plush environment.
This hot offers accommodations to the drivers of the guests too. It has highly secure RFID based entry to the rooms.
The food available in the restaurant is of decent quality and taste. You have to order an hour before, so that you can have fresh foods prepared by the hotel. The security and all other amenities can be enjoyed for ₹2200 onwards.
Hotel Ashoka Grand

This grand hotel is located in Patal Babu Road, Bhagalpur, 50 kilometres away from the main city of Purnea. The grand hotel provides the following facilities to its high class guests:

  • Free Wi-Fi___33 access
  • Free parking for the guests
  • Breakfast is included in the price
  • Ac and non ac rooms
  • Suites are available too

Room service

You can easily get a room here. However the price is on the higher end. All these plush amenities make this hotel the best in Purnia. A single night stay would cost ₹3200 onwards.

From the above Purnea hotel list you can choose the best hotel in Purnia Bihar.

Which Hotel is Rated No.1 in Purnia? Find Out Here!

Finding the best hotel in Purnia can be a tricky task. With so many options on offer, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. To help make your decision easier, we have compared three of the city’s leading hotels: JMD International Hotel, Paras International Hotel and Holiday International Hotel. 

All three hotels offer guests luxury accommodation and exceptional service, but which one ranks as the number one hotel in Purnia? Read on to find out more about each of these top-notch establishments and decide for yourself which is rated no.1 in Purnia!

JMD International Hotel offers modern suites with plush furnishings and all the latest amenities. Guests can enjoy fresh meals prepared at the restaurant or relax by their outdoor pool or spa facilities. The staff are friendly and always ready to provide assistance with any enquiries.

Conclusion Points

In conclusion, Purnea is a great destination for those looking for an affordable and enjoyable stay. The JMD International Hotel provides luxury amenities, friendly staff, impeccable service, and the best value. 

Its central location means easy access to all of Purnea’s attractions, making it the ideal place to stay in this wonderful city. From its comfortable rooms to its delicious food, JMD International Hotel ensures guests have a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Each of these hotels has been carefully reviewed and selected from hundreds of customer reviews from across India. They all offer great services along with an array of facilities like air conditioning rooms, Wi-Fi access, swimming pools, gyms and restaurants. 

All these hotels are conveniently located near the city centre making it easy to explore Purnea and its nearby attractions. So make sure you check out our list before planning your next trip to this beautiful city!

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