How Many International & Domestic Airport In India 2023

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India has long been known for its vast and diverse geography, making it a popular destination for travellers worldwide. 

how many airports India

With the increasing popularity of international and domestic travel, it is important to understand how many airports India will have in 2023 and what infrastructure supports them. 

In this article, we will discuss the total number of international and domestic airports present in India and their capacity and features.

According to Wikipedia, There are a total of 486 airports in India. Out of which 123 are airports where apart from commercial flights, there is also the use of the army. There are a total of 35 international airports in India.

According to the Airport Authority of India (AAI), the total number of working Airports in India is 158 (till August 2023). 

List Of Airports In India 2023

List of airport created from Airport Authority. 

  • Agartala – Singerbhil Airport (IXA)   
  • Agatti Island – Agatti Island Airport (AGX)   
  • Agra – Kheria Airport (AGR)   
  • Ahmedabad – Ahmedabad Airport (AMD)   
  • Aizawl  – Aizawl Airport (AJL)   
  • Akola – Akola Airport (AKD)   
  • Allahabad – Bamrauli Airport (IXD)   
  • Along – Along Airport (IXV)   
  • Amritsar – Raja Sansi Airport (ATQ)   
  • Aurangabad – Chikkalthana Airport (IXU)   
  • Bagdogra – Bagdogra Airport (IXB)   
  • Balurghat – Balurghat Airport (RGH)   
  • Bangalore – Hindustan Airport (BLR)   
  • Bareli – Bareli Airport (BEK)   
  • Belgaum – Sambre Airport (IXG)   
  • Bellary  – Bellary Airport (BEP)   
  • Bhatinda – Bhatinda Airport (BUP)   
  • Bhavnagar – Bhavnagar Airport (BHU)   
  • Bhopal   – Bhopal Airport (BHO)   
  • Bhubaneswar  – Bhubaneswar Airport (BBI)   
  • Bhuj – Rudra Mata Airport (BHJ)   
  • Bikaner – Bikaner Airport (BKB)   
  • Bilaspur – Bilaspur Airport (PAB)   
  • Bombay (Mumbai) – Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport (BOM)   
  • Calcutta (Kolkata) – Netaji Subhas Chandra Airport (CCU)   
  • Car Nicobar – Car Nicobar Airport (CBD)   
  • Chandigarh – Chandigarh Airport (IXC)   
  • Coimbatore – Peelamedu Airport (CJB)   
  • Cooch Behar – Cooch Behar Airport (COH)   
  • Cuddapah – Cuddapah Airport (CDP)   
  • Daman – Daman Airport (NMB)   
  • Daparizo – Daparizo Airport (DAE)   
  • Darjeeling – Darjeeling Airport (DAI)   
  • Dehra Dun – Dehra Dun Airport (DED)   
  • Delhi – Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL)
  • Deparizo – Deparizo Airport (DEP)   
  • Dhanbad – Dhanbad Airport (DBD)   
  • Dharamsala – Gaggal Airport (DHM)   
  • Dibrugarh – Chabua Airport (DIB)   
  • Dimapur – Dimapur Airport (DMU)   
  • Diu – Diu Airport (DIU)   
  • Gaya – Gaya Airport (GAY)   
  • Goa – Dabolim Airport (GOI)   
  • Gorakhpur – Gorakhpur Airport (GOP)   
  • Guna – Guna Airport (GUX)   
  • Guwahati – Borjhar Airport (GAU)   
  • Gwalior – Gwalior Airport (GWL)   
  • Hissar – Hissar Airport (HSS)   
  • Hubli – Hubli Airport (HBX)   
  • Hyderabad – Begumpet Airport (HYD)   
  • Imphal – Municipal Airport (IMF)   
  • Indore – Indore Airport (IDR)   
  • Jabalpur – Jabalpur Airport (JLR)   
  • Jagdalpur – Jagdalpur Airport (JGB)   
  • Jaipur – Sanganeer Airport (JAI)   
  • Jaisalmer – Jaisalmer Airport (JSA)   
  • Jammu – Satwari Airport (IXJ)   
  • Jamnagar – Govardhanpur Airport (JGA)   
  • Jamshedpur – Sonari Airport (IXW)   
  • Jeypore – Jeypore Airport (PYB)   
  • Jodhpur – Jodhpur Airport (JDH)   
  • Jorhat – Rowriah Airport (JRH)   
  • Kailashahar – Kailashahar Airport (IXH)   
  • Kamalpur – Kamalpur Airport (IXQ)   
  • Kandla – Kandla Airport (IXY)   
  • Kanpur – Kanpur Airport (KNU)   
  • Keshod – Keshod Airport (IXK)   
  • Khajuraho – Khajuraho Airport (HJR)   
  • Khowai – Khowai Airport (IXN)   
  • Kochi – Kochi Airport (COK)   
  • Kolhapur – Kolhapur Airport (KLH)   
  • Kota – Kota Airport (KTU)   
  • Kozhikode – Calicut International Airport (CCJ)
  • Kulu – Bhuntar Airport (KUU)   
  • Leh – Leh Airport (IXL)   
  • Lilabari  – Lilabari Airport (IXI)   
  • Lucknow – Amausi Airport (LKO)   
  • Ludhiana – Ludhiana Airport (LUH)   
  • Madras (Chennai) – Chennai Airport (MAA)   
  • Madurai – Madurai Airport (IXM)   
  • Malda – Malda Airport (LDA)   
  • Mangalore – Bajpe Airport (IXE)   
  • Mohanbari – Mohanbari Airport (MOH)   
  • Muzaffarnagar – Muzaffarnagar Airport (MZA)
  • Muzaffarpur – Muzaffarpur Airport (MZU)   
  • Mysore – Mysore Airport (MYQ)   
  • Nagpur – Sonegaon Airport (NAG)   
  • Nanded – Nanded Airport (NDC)   
  • Nasik – Gandhinagar Airport (ISK)   
  • Neyveli – Neyveli Airport (NVY)   
  • Osmanabad – Osmanabad Airport (OMN)   
  • Pantnagar – Pantnagar Airport (PGH)   
  • Pasighat – Pasighat Airport (IXT)   
  • Pathankot – Pathankot Airport (IXP)   
  • Patna – Patna Airport (PAT)   
  • Pondicherry – Pondicherry Airport (PNY)   
  • Porbandar – Porbandar Airport (PBD)   
  • Port Blair – Port Blair Airport (IXZ)   
  • Pune – Lohegaon Airport (PNQ)   
  • Puttaparthi – Puttaprathe Airport (PUT)   
  • Raipur – Raipur Airport (RPR)   
  • Rajahmundry – Rajahmundry Airport (RJA)   
  • Rajkot – Civil Airport (RAJ)   
  • Rajouri  – Rajouri Airport (RJI)   
  • Ramagundam  – Ramagundam Airport (RMD)
  • Ranchi  – Ranchi Airport (IXR)   
  • Ratnagiri – Ratnagiri Airport (RTC)   
  • Rewa – Rewa Airport (REW)   
  • Rourkela – Rourkela Airport (RRK)   
  • Rupsi – Rupsi Airport (RUP)   
  • Salem – Salem Airport (SXV)   
  • Satna – Satna Airport (TNI)   
  • Shillong – Shillong Airport (SHL)   
  • Sholapur – Sholapur Airport (SSE)   
  • Silchar – Kumbhirgram Airport (IXS)   
  • Simla – Simla Airport (SLV)   
  • Srinagar – Srinagar Airport (SXR)   
  • Surat – Surat Airport (STV)   
  • Tezpur  – Salonibari Airport (TEZ)   
  • Tezu – Tezu Airport (TEI)   
  • Thanjavur – Thanjavur Airport (TJV)   
  • Thiruvananthapuram    – Thiruvananthapuram International Airport (TRV)   
  • Tiruchirapally – Civil Airport (TRZ)   
  • Tirupati – Tirupati Airport (TIR)   
  • Tuticorin – Tuticorin Airport (TCR)   
  • Udaipur – Dabok Airport (UDR)   
  • Vadodara – Vadodara Airport (BDQ)   
  • Varanasi – Varanasi Airport (VNS)   
  • Vijayawada – Vijayawada Airport (VGA)   
  • Visakhapatnam – Visakhapatnam Airport (VTZ)
  • Warangal – Warangal Airport (WGC) 
  • Zero – Zero Airport (ZER)
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How Many International & Domestic Airport In India 2023?

According to reports, the total number of international airports in India is 35 and 123 domestic. 

This figure makes it clear that India is one of the most important aviation hubs in the world. It has a vast network of airports, facilitating fast and reliable air travel for passengers from around the globe.

India’s rapid airport capacity expansion over recent years has been highly impressive. The country now boasts 35 international airports, with seven new ones opening within the last five years alone. 

Regarding domestic flights, things are even better – are 123 airports available for travellers throughout India, providing them with easy access to different parts of the country. 

Additionally, more than 20 private airlines operate in Indian airspace, offering unique packages and services to customers from all economic backgrounds and locations.

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Conclusion Points 

India is a large country with 158 functional airports in total. Of these, 35 international airports enable the country to facilitate air travel from numerous foreign destinations. These international airports are spread across the length and breadth of India, connecting citizens to destinations within India or abroad. 

The 35 international airports in India are spread across major metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru, as well as tourist hotspots like Goa and Kerala. 

In addition, there are also smaller regional towns such as Jaipur, Lucknow and Cochin, which have an international airport that connects them to other parts of the world.


1. How many airports are there in India?

There are currently 158 operational airports in India.

2. Are there any plans to expand the number of airports in India?

Yes, the Indian government has set a target to increase the number of airports to 190 by 2023.

3. What are the major international airports in India?

The major international airports in India include Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport, Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, and Bangalore Kempegowda International Airport.

4. Which city has the highest number of airports in India?

Mumbai has the highest number of airports in India, with two operational airports – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport and Juhu Aerodrome.

5. Are all the Indian states connected by air travel?

Almost all Indian states are connected by air travel through various domestic airlines.

6. How many greenfield airports are being developed in India?

As part of the Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS), 100 new greenfield airports are being developed across different regions of India.

7. Is there an airport development plan for remote areas or islands in India?

Under the UDAN scheme, several remote areas and islands in India have been identified for airport development to enhance connectivity.

8. Will the expansion of airport infrastructure improve tourism in India?

Expanding airport infrastructure will improve accessibility and connectivity, thereby boosting tourism as more tourists can easily visit different parts of the country.