Breaking News: Bihar’s Largest Airport to Open in Purnea

A new intercontinental Airport is going to be built in Purnea, Bihar. For this, the airport currently located in Chunapur will be expanded to include facilities.

Chunapura airport Purnea Bihar

The article discusses the opening of a new airport in the Indian state of Bihar. The new airport, which is said to be the largest in Bihar, is set to open in the city of Purnea. The article quotes local officials as saying that the new airport will help boost economic development in the region. 

It is also expected to create jobs for local residents. Experts say that the airport will help to attract new businesses and investment to the area. It also notes that the airport will create jobs for local residents.

The airport is the property of the Indian Air Force. The state administration has decided to offer 67 acres of land for this project. This is going to be the greatest airdrome in Bihar. The airdrome Authority has also arranged the master plan for this. He had prepared a survey report earlier.

Next, we discuss some key facts of this new Purnea Airport News.

Keys facts about the new airport that to be constructed in Purnea:

The greatest trait of Purnia Airport is going to be that it is also going to have a supporting station in close proximity to Bagdogra airfield.

The usual scenario at this time is that because of the weather, the airliners that are unable to reach Bagdogra go to Kolkata. However, once the Purnia Airport is made they are not going face this trouble. They will have an alternative arrangement in Purnea.

Anjani Kumar Singh, the Chief Secretary, had written a letter to the Civil Aviation ministry’s secretary, asking that action be taken in this direction.  He stated that the panel of officials of the airdrome authorities has already looked at the opportunity of a civil airdrome here.

Therefore, there is a complete possibility of civil airdrome and it is going to be a superior option compared to every other.

Despite this airport being under the Defense Ministry, it is going to be essential for them to get a NOC.

Singh also made a request for commencement from the department for this. CM Nitish Kumar has sent a letter to Civil Aviation department for this.

Suggestions for Darbhanga as well

According to Purnia Airport hindi News that has come out recently Bihar has also made a proposal to Center for making Air Force airfield of Darbhanga a Civil air drome.

As per the provincial connectivity plan of the administration of India, it’s intended to be built. The span of the runway of this airdrome is 8500 feet, which is enough for making a large aircraft land. The chief secretary has stated that AVM Rajesh Issar has sent a suggestion to the state administration for the expansion of this airdrome.

The suggestion is to make the airport runway lengthier to 12000 feet along with land possession for the storing of weapons in close proximity to it. In the event of the airport authority panel coming to look at its prospect, they are going to be welcome.

The state administration is keen on a conference with the Patna Airports Authority President for discussing every one of the issues thoroughly. The presence of the Air Force officials is also requested.

Recent news update on Purnia Airport

Going by what sources have said, Purnia Airport is going to be able to commence service for the general people by the month of April of 2018.

Various work associated with the runway as well as traffic is being done fast! Santosh Kumar Kushwaha & Pappu Yadav has got together with the PM on several occasions. They and Nitish Kumar are doing all they can for this project that includes the allotment of land and more.

Purnea is going to get a new place on the world atlas right on the airport starting in Purnea

Purnia Airbase’s planned to be urbanized as an airdrome at low cost as per the flying plan of the central government. A combined inspection of the Chuhanpur Airbase was carried out between AAI and IAF Authority on the 27th of November of 2016.

This was based on the decisions that had been taken in the assembly of the higher-ranking officers of “State Government” and “Ministry of Civil Aviation” The budget’s been assigned for building work for the central administration. Presently, the state administration must try for allotment of land!

This is what the recent purnea hindi news that has come out in the local newspaper says.

Conclusion Points

Thanks to the great runway in the intersection of other metropolises, there is no difficulty of the flying and laddering full-size planes.

Now following the contract with the Central & State administration, the Purnia town is all set to fly a lengthy way. Ahead of commencing air service of private airliner corporation from Chunapura Military airdrome, it has been given the green signal by the Department of Defense.

The state administration has assigned Rs.20 million for land acquisition. Following the land acquisition procedure, the VVIP Lounge, Civil Enclave, cargo and more facilities must be constructed separately at Purnia airdrome.

According to Trusted sources, a master plan has been made by the Indian Airport Authority for turning Chunapura airport into an intercontinental airport. The reason behind this pan is using this airport for air and commuter service aircraft at the same time.

In conclusion, The Purnea airport will be a great addition to the Bihar infrastructure and is sure to boost the local economy. This is great news for the people of Purnea and the surrounding areas, and we can only hope that the airport will be completed on schedule and provide much-needed jobs and economic opportunities.