Growth of Purnia Railway Station, Know Everything Till Date

What comes to our mind when we think to travel to our destination? Of course, it is railway. The railway is the easiest and cheapest mode of transport in India.

It takes us to our destination in a handful of time. Indian Railway has developed ever since it started in 1832 and today it is one of the major transport systems.

Brief History of Purnea railways

The railway tracks were first laid down by the East India Company for their own benefit for the transport of the shipmen’s from the docks to the centre of the cities.

In 1832, after initial proposal railway tracks were laid in Madras. Red Hill was the first train to run over here.

It made a journey from the Red Hills to a bridge called Chintadripett. Jaganath Shunkerseth (known as Nana Shankarsheth) formed the Indian Railway Association.

The first commercial train journey in India began between Bombay and Thane in 16th April, 1853 in a 14 carriage long train known as ‘Sultan’.

Railway plays an eminent part in our lives especially for the middle class Indian who cannot think to afford the plane fare. And studies have shown that the Indian Railway commutes 1.16 billion passengers everyday all over India.

So, the vitality of a railway station gives a huge boost to the overall development of a city or town. Purina, a small city of Bihar, which is on the verge of getting developed, has a very well connected network of railways which helps the city to get connected to various other major cities of Bihar and that of India as well.  Purnia Railway Station is owned by the North East Frontier Railway of the Indian Railways.

The station is getting modernised and several other necessary facilities like good toilets for passengers, rest rooms, waiting rooms, proper platforms, drinking water etc are helping the station to improve and progress to get better .

The authorities in charge of the Purnia Railway Station are trying hard to serve the passengers to their fullest potential. Purnia lies in between Katihar –Jogbani section.

Purnia Railway Station and the Purnia Court Railway Station are the two important stations in the district of Purina. A station can be called a junction when it fulfils certain criteria like more than three tracks that diverge into different direction.

Today Purnea Railway transportation

Purnia Railway Station is thus called a junction because it has three tracks running parallel that diversifies to several destinations. Purnia Bihar Railway Station is just located 308km away from Patna which is 3 hours long ride. PRNA is the code of the Purnia Railway Station. Several important trains running from Delhi and Kolkata stop over here in this station.

Important trains like Seemanchal Express and Kolkata- Jogbani Express runs through the Purnia station. There are other daily and weekly trains connecting Kolkata, Patna, Delhi, Darbhanga and other neighbouring cities. Recently tenders have been passed to modernise the platform area.

The First Railway track in Purnia was made in 1940s prior to the Independence and during the time of Quit India movement. Although by then the network system of whole India was developed but Bihar was yet isolated from the fruits of development.

Since Bengal- Bihar is a very fertile agricultural area therefore, all the food supplies were transported through these railways only.

About Purnia Railway Station 

Everyday around 10 to 12 express trains pass through Purnia junction Station namely The JBN- ANVT Superfast Express, ANVT – JBN Superfast Express; Kolkata- Jogbani Express, Jogbani- Kolkata Express; Purnea- Saharsha Passenger, Saharsha – Purnea passenger; KIR- JYG Janki Express , JYG Janki –KIR Express , Kosi Express and almost each of them runs in timely manner.

The lowest ticket fare is Rs 5 for travelling 20kms and Rs 10 for the return journey and accordingly the price goes up depending on the distance. Purnia Court railway station, station code PRNC, is a railway station serving the city of Purnea in Bihar.

This station is managed by the East Central Railway under the Samastipur division.  It is the newest station inaugurated by Suresh Prabhu in 2016.

Conclusion Points 

Thus, the two stations (Purnia Raliway Station & Purnia Court Railway Station) are the two renowed stations helping the people of Purnia to connect to different parts of India.

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