All About Of Purnea Airport, Chunapur Bihar (PUI)

Welcome to the article on the current status of Purnia or Purnea International Airport! This article will provide an in-depth look at the airport, including its development status, news, code and name along with flight information. 

Chunapura airport Purnea Bihar

We’ll also cover the airports near Purnia or Purnea International Airport, Bihar. With more and more travellers looking to take advantage of international travel, this information can be helpful in making decisions about where to soon fly from.

An Overview of Purnia Airport

Purnea Airport, currently Air Force Station Purnea, is located in the Purnea state of Bihar. It was selected in the UDAN 4 scheme of the Government of India, which aims to make regional flying more accessible and affordable. 

About Purnea Airport

Name Purnea International Airport / Chunapur Airport Purnia
Runway Length 11,000 feet
Runway Surface  Concrete 
Contact number No
Address  Chunapur Road, Guasi, Purnea, Bihar 854303.
Flight Status  No
AAI Status  Proposed

The airport was originally established as a military site, serving as an important base for the Indian Air Force (IAF). However, due to its proximity to popular tourist and business destinations such as Gaya, and Patna, the government decided to open up commercial operations at this airport. 

Its land acquisition process has recently been completed. It is a major project taken up by the aviation department of the state government to meet the rising air travel demands in this region. 

The Airport Authority of India (AAI) has given the official note for the same, though none of the airlines had shown interest in the bidding process due to some infrastructure related issues.

The runway work of the airport is nearing completion, while the terminal work is yet to start.

Purnea Airport (IATA : PUI, ICAO: VEPU), also called as Chunapur Airport Purnia.

Purnea can be a wonderful place to visit, and with the purnea airport (पूर्णिया एयरपोर्ट) surfacing recently due announcement by both Central Government and Bihar State Government to develop a commercial airport in Purnia.

Current News Of Purnea Airport

The city of Purnea, located in the eastern state of Bihar, India is home to one of the most recently developed airports. This airport has been a key part of Purnea’s development plans since its inception and it’s now at the forefront of exciting new developments. 

Recently, the Indian government announced plans to modernise and expand the airport with the addition of more runways, terminals and car parks. 

This will create more job opportunities for local people as well as bringing much-needed economic growth to this part of India. The project will also add to Purnea’s already impressive tourism credentials as an attractive destination for both international and domestic travellers alike.

Purnea airport land acquisition case settled

A major hurdle has been crossed in the land acquisition case for the construction of a new civil airport to be built in Purnia. After the direction of the High Court, the High Court hearing of the matter was completed in the DM District Court to settle the matter. This was the second hearing in the land acquisition case. Everybody working in Purnia lodged their representation through their legal representative.

2023 News 

BJP Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Kumar Modi has alleged that Nitish government of Bihar is not providing land for the expansion of the airports at Bihta, Purnia and Darbhanga. 

According to Modi, the expansion plans have been held back because of this delay on behalf of the state government. He further added that if there was no sufficient land, then private lands should be acquired as necessary to facilitate proper development and expansion plans. 

Modi said that he had raised this issue in parliament several times but the Bihar government gave no response. 

Furthermore, he also noted that only Purnea Airport could be developed without any issues due to the availability of space; however, both Darbhanga and Bihta airport would require additional land from the state government for their progress.

What Do the Locals Call it? Investigating the Name of Purnea Airport

The Purnea International Airport in Chunapur, Purnia is a busy destination for the locals and travelers alike. But what do they actually call it? Is it Purnea Airport or Chunapur airport?

Is there another name that has been proposed or used? This article will investigate the various names associated with this busy airport. 

A quick survey of the local population reveals mixed reactions about the true name of this airport. 

Some say that it should be referred to as ‘Chunapur’ while others insist on calling it ‘Purnea’.

There are also those who suggest using a combination of both names like ‘Chunapur-Purnea Airport’. However, no other proposed name has been officially accepted by authorities so far.

Where in India is Purnea Airport?

Chunapur Road, Guasi, Purnea, Bihar 854303 is a small but bustling town located in the Indian state of Bihar. 

Known for its local markets and home to many people from different backgrounds, it’s a popular destination for those traveling in India. One of the main attractions in this area is Purnea Airport, which serves the entire region. But just where in India is Purnea Airport located?

Purnea Airport lies about eight kilometers east of the town center on Chunapur Road. It is one of only two airports operating within Bihar and offers both domestic and international flights to many destinations around India.

Purnia Airport Development Status

The Purnia Airport currently being used for military operations, but by next year it is expected to open its doors to the public. 

A massive runway renovation has recently been completed, allowing for larger planes and smoother takeoffs and landings. 

Road access from the city centre is in progress and it is anticipated that work on this will be completed soon.

In order to ensure the smooth running of the airport once opened, a competitive bidding process has been initiated by authorities. 

The aim of this process is to find companies capable of providing services such as catering, security, maintenance and air traffic control personnel in order to make sure that all operations run safely and efficiently. 

This comprehensive development project promises to benefit both local residents and tourists alike when it becomes fully operational next year.

New Terminal Coming Soon at Purnea Airport

The Purnea Airport is set to be the latest recipient of a new terminal, with construction beginning soon. The airport has seen an increase in passenger numbers over the past few years and this new terminal will help facilitate further growth.

The new terminal building, which is expected to be operational by mid-2024, will feature 24 check-in desks, 12 security checkpoints, and 10 gates.

With increased capacity for baggage handling and airside transfer services, passengers can expect a smoother journey through the airport. 

The addition of retail outlets and restaurants within the building will also provide visitors with a more enjoyable experience while waiting for their flight. 

In addition to this development at Purnea Airport, plans are in place for other improvements throughout the year such as improved car parks and enhanced road access.

When Purnea Airport Will Start

Starting January 2025, the Purnea Airport in India is set to begin its operations as a major international airport. The new airport will be located approximately 7 kilometres from the city centre of Purnea and serve as a major air hub for both domestic and international travellers. 

It will have the capacity to handle up to 4 million passengers annually, and provide services ranging from cargo flights to commercial passenger travel.

The project is expected to cost nearly 500 crore rupees and create more than 15,000 direct jobs in the area upon completion. 

In addition, it will significantly reduce travel times for locals who currently rely on road transport or longer connections via other airports. Construction of the new facility has already begun with plans for multiple levels of security systems implemented at the site by early 2025.

Is Purnea Airport Taking Flight

The city of Purnea in Bihar, India has seen an increase in air traffic and is now the focus of a new airport project. 

Questions have been raised as to whether or not this project will take flight. With its strategic location between Delhi and Calcutta, the construction of a new airport at Purnea would open up many opportunities for travelers from both directions.

Not only would it provide easy access to tourist destinations such as Patna, but it could also facilitate business travel between Mumbai and any of the other cities mentioned. 

Furthermore, a successful airport development in Purnea could potentially represent a significant economic boost for the city. 

As such, there has been much anticipation surrounding the success of this ambitious project which could provide much greater mobility options throughout northern India and beyond.

Purnea Airport: Uncovering its Fascinating History

The first airplane took off in 1933 for the Mount Everest expedition from Purnia, after which the airport service started here from 1956. The airport has not been built till date in Purnia, the oldest district of the country, 252 years old.

For the first time in 1990, the then Union Minister Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav had said this. Bihar Chief Minister Shri Nitish Kumar had raised the issue of making Purnia International Airport in 2014 itself, later he also announced.

On 18 August 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the restoration of flight service from Purnia airport. After that the residents of Purnia started feeling that within 3 years they would open the airport to the general public.

Exploring the Reasons Behind Purnia’s Popularity

Purnia, the 3rd largest city of Bihar, has been flourishing since centuries. It is known for its rich history and culture that dates back to the pre-historic days. In recent years, the popularity of Purnia has been growing due to various reasons. 

The city is a medical hub which houses a number of hospitals, clinics and health care centers. It also consists of Bihar Board office, Passport office as well as University and Medical College located in close vicinity. 

This town serves as an important center for business activities in the state of Bihar. With efficient transportation services available here it makes commuting convenient within the city as well as other parts of Bihar. 

Purnia also offers great opportunities for students who wish to pursue higher education from renowned institutions like Purnia University and Purnea Medical College.

It has been predicted that Purnia may become the second capital of Bihar and four districts have already chosen it as their headquarters. It has also become a popular business destination due to its easy access to international markets and transportation links. 

Moreover, an industrial area by the name Maranga is also being developed here with numerous world-class factories. 

The infrastructure in Purnia is rapidly improving with better roads and transportation facilities which attract many people from neighboring towns and cities for work or leisure purposes.

Its strategic location near major rivers like Ganges and Kosi gives it a unique advantage over other cities in terms of logistics, trade, tourism etc.

Purnia Airport was also trended on Twitter

The campaign launched on Twitter to demand the opening of an airport in Purnia district of Bihar has received tremendous success and the support of thousands of people.

On 8 August 2021, Twitter #PurneaAirportLA was run on Twitter, about 80000 people tweeted and supported the early construction of Purnea Airport.

When will the airport start? No fixed date line has come yet. If the same question is asked to an administrative officer, then its direct answer is that the matter is still in the Patna High Court.

It is expected that as soon as the issue of land acquisition is resolved by the Patna High Court, the runway work can be completed. The work on the rest of the Purnea International Airport is going on very fast.

  • Purnea Airport Flights – Currently No Flights.
  • Purnea Airport Code PUI.
  • Purnea Airport Name – Purnea International Airport, Goasi, Chunapur Bihar India.

Features Of Purnea International Airport 

Bihar, once the principal seat of many imperial powers, is also known for its rich culture and tradition, as is business and commerce, which is now flourishing in the state.

No more is Bihar a backward state with Patna, the capital city boasting about its heritage as well as modern trade practices.

To mention among the notable cities in Bihar, Purnea has recently drawn the attention of visitors from all over the country as it is fast growing into a smart city.

Door to Door Services Limited, based in Bangalore, in association with Spirit Air Private Limited started the non schedule purnea bihar airport flights, with 50 minutes time being taken to reach Patna. Currently this service not available due to construction work of largest airport in Bihar.

The chunapur purnea airport is maintained and operated by the Indian Air Force and has a runway made of concrete that is 2,652 m (8,700 ft) in length and situated 39 m (1129 ft) above sea level.

The orientation of the purnea airport purnea is 09/27 and with visitors frequenting this airport and having a world class experience in travelling to the airport in purnea bihar coming financial year, the purnea airport name has become prominent in India.

Facilities will available at the airport purnea bihar include passenger guide for flying to any place in India. Other facilities at the chunapur airport purnea include:

  • Information Desk
  • Wrapping Services
  • WiFi
  • Transit Hotels
  • Airport Lounges
  • Lost and Found Counter
  • Lavatory
  • Disabilities Assistance
  • Prayer Rooms
  • VIP Lounges
  • Smoking Lounges
  • Duty Free Shops
  • Clinic and Pharmacy
  • Dining.
The airport in purnea first appeared in the air map of India way back in 2012 with the first flight carrying 9 passengers reached the airport from Chunapur Defence Airport, which is 10 Km from Patna divisional headquarters. The flight was operated by Spirit Air Private Limited.
Regarding ground transportation and parking, passengers get information about map and direction, rental cars. Rates and shuttle/taxi services.

Airport information include:

  • Airport Services
  • Lost and Found
  • Security and Alerts
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Noise Mitigation Program
  • 511 Travel Information
  • Emergency Contingency Plan

In addition to the facilities being provided at the purnea airport, passengers will find the following services:

  • Terminal Diagram
  • Runway Diagrams
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Tie-Down/Hangar Rentals
  • ASOS Weather
  • Lodging
  • Aviation Fuel Prices
  • Tenant Directory
  • Pilot and gift shop.

Nearby cities and towns

Cities nd towns nearby Purnea Airport are Purnia, Kasba, Banmankhi, Katihar, Bihariganj, Araria, Dalkola, Murliganj, Naugachhia, Manihari, Raghunathpur, Colgong, Sahibganj, Forbesganj, Chhatapur.

Tourist Spots in Purnea

The best of Purnea is reflected in the tourist spots that are near to the airport in purnea. Places to visit include city kali and shiv mandir, the shrines of Darghah of Hazarat Jamalul Haque Bandagi, Mata Puran Devi temple, Chimni Bazar, debri ruins of historical Garbanili, Darbar of Raja Kalanand Singh,Darga and Khanqua Alla Mustafia, and the old railway station.

Other tourist spots include:

Line Bazar – Near to the purnea bihar airport is the line bazar, where you will find many shopping outlets and there are more than 450 practicing doctors here.
Kaath Pool – The Kaath Pool is a wooden bridge on the Kaath Pool on the National Highway 31 which was built centuries ago.

Ganga-Darjeeling Road – The Ganga-Farjeeling road is worth exploring because of the places like Gulab Bagh. Tatma Toli, Flour Mill-Polytechnic Chowk.

Kamakhyaya Mandir – Situated at the border of Majra Bhabanipur, Rahua and Kalyanpur, this temple is built in resemblance of the original Kamakhyaya Temple, and is visited by large numbers of devotees throughout the year.


Incessant rain is there during the monsoon but during the winter and summer, the temperature does not reach the extremities. Purnea is a place to visit round the year except during the monsoon.

Where to stay in Purnea

Coming outside of the purnea airport purnea, you will find many modes of transport to take you to some good places to stay that include star facility hotel and guest houses.

There are hotels offering a luxurious stay and unmatched hospitality. You can get a pre booked car or bus rental from any hotel from the chunapur purnea airport.

You will find ample options for shopping that include the Bhatta Bazar, where you will find local items at bargain prices.

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Conclusion Points 

To reach the city of Purnea, the best way is to travel by air to the Purnea Airport Purnea, Bihar, from where you can take a taxi or a shuttle.

Reviews by passengers who had travelled by the Spirit Air Private Limited proves the quality of travel and exceptional facilities at the chunapur airport purnea.

All are welcome to travel to Purnea by air to have an exceptional experience that few airlines can offer.

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