All You Need To Know About Current Purnia SP And DM

Purnia has an area of ​​3,202 square kilometers. It is a shallow and depressed stretch of land, consisting mostly of rich and clay soil with alluvial formation. It flows through several rivers that flow from the Himalayas and offer great benefits of irrigation and water transport.

Its main rivers are Kosi, Mahananda, Suwara Kali and Koli. In the west, the soil is densely covered with sand, which was deposited by changes in the course of Kosi. Among the other rivers are the Mahananda and the Panar. The main agricultural products are jute and banana.

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Purnia, written by the government “Purnea”, is a city and a municipal society in the district of Purnia in the Indian state of Bihar. It is 300 km from Patna. The district of Purnia is one of the thirty-eight districts of the state of Bihar, in India. The city of Purnia is the administrative seat of this district. The district of Purnia is part of the Division of Purnia. The district extends north of the Ganges.
Purnia has a tradition of at least a few centuries behind it. Under the Mughal domain, the area included Sarkar Tajpur, east of the Mahananda River, and Sarkar Purnia, west of the river. Purnia was at that time a large military seat under the rule of a Fauzadar as a border district; Purnia has always had a further administrative significance.
The district of Purnea in recent history was founded on February 14, 1770 by the East India Company. Even in early British times Purnia was considered an important task, especially because it was on the border with Nepal.
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First Female SP of Purnea

Purnea sp name Kim, who assumed charge as present sp of purnea, is the first woman to head the police wing in this 240-year-old sprawling but problem-ridden district with 28 police stations.
The district, which was founded in 1772, has not come across any woman DM so far. The 2008 batch IPS officer, sp of purnea Kim was brought to Purnia from adjoining Katihar where she was in the saddle for a little over eight months.
Ahead of the next Lok Sabha polls, as the district goes into poll battle cry mode, the new Purnia SP will have her hands full of problems. Current purnea sp contact no are; (6454) 242508, 242502, 9431822998.
The first and foremost task on her table will, however, be the festering land grab movement by hordes of tribals which has often reared its ugly head in many parts of the district. “She will win the confidence of the people if she adequately addresses the chronic land-related problems which have often shattered the fragile peace in the district,” says a senior citizen, Pujan Sinha of Banmankhi.
The perennial traffic snarls, particularly at busy roundabouts at Line Bazar, R N Shaw Chowk and Khuskibag should also grab her attention.
The way in which auto rickshaws have multiplied in Purnia (there are as many as 10,000 auto rickshaws in urban areas), along with reckless driving are among the rapidly growing problems of the new SP Kim. An overwhelming majority of motorists are in their teenage years and do not have a kind of driving license, sources say.
Kim said despite the assumption of office on Friday that the crime fight and the improvisation of the police report would have his highest priority.

Who is the dm of Purnea?

Pradip Kumar Jha, IAS officer of Manipur cadre of the Indian Administrative Service, made his contribution as present dm of purnea or District Magistrate of Purnea. Incharge DCP Ram Shankar, in charge, handed over the entire charge of the district at around two o’clock in the day. Upon arrival at the collector, the newly appointed district collector was welcomed by the district officials.
Later, the purnia dm said in the meeting that they are accountable to the public.
To address the aspirations of the common masses, It is a priority to reach their emotions to the government and to satisfy their work. He said that both the media and officers work for the people. Pradeep Kumar Jha, IAS officer of 2006 batch of Manipur State Cadre, has been a DM for four years in Chandrapur district.
Paternal home is the manager of rural bank in Madhubani, the father of Pradeep Kumar Jha, who comes from Jhanszapur district. Mother is a teacher and wife is a doctor in Patna.
DM and DDC and DPRO are appointed to look after the administrative work in the respective district. District Purnea contact numbers of the district level officer help you to make contact with them. The given contact details are official one and are available throughout the day. Contact number of dm of purnea is 9430970477
Purnia has always been an important area from the point of view of law and order.
This is due to the strategic position of the city near international borders. Now that our national borders are threatened by the insurgency and illegal migration, the work of law enforcement has increased. The purnea police stations work 24 hours a day, providing a peaceful environment in the district with complete public order control.
Conclusion Points

The borders are actually guarded by the border security force and the SSB to preserve the inviolability of our international borders. The district of Purnia is divided into 14 blocks and each of them is headed by an SHO reporting directly to the SP of the district.

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